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Information for businesses

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Frequently asked questions...

How do I sign up to the Whitley Bay Gift Vouchers scheme so I can accept them at my business?

All members of the Whitley Bay Chamber of Trade are entitled to accept gift vouchers as part of the benefits of being a member. If you are interested in finding out more please visit the website at

How do I process payments paid with vouchers?

It is completely up to you how you record these on your own systems. Some businesses have a separate payment type on their till system so they can easily record which sales have been paid with via vouchers. Just make sure that you only accept vouchers which are before the expiry date.

Do I give change if a voucher is only partly used?

This is an individual decision but we guarantee that the full value of the voucher will be honoured by the scheme. So a £10 voucher is worth £10. You might like to recommend that a customer makes full use of their vouchers because they should not be exchanged for cash in store. You could offer a credit note for the remaining amount, as a suggestion.

How long are vouchers valid for?

NEW FOR 2023: Gift vouchers now have no expiry date so they are valid until the customer has redeemed them. There are still stocks of vouchers which have expiry dates on them - these dates can be ignored.

How do I exchange the vouchers I have accepted for cash?

All you need to do is bring your vouchers to Hamiedog Menswear at 85 Park View, Whitley Bay. You need to confirm your business name and the exchange will be made. Please check with Hamiedog for their opening hours.

Please note that only small values of up to £100 can be exchanged for cash, the preference is that a BACS payment will be made as this is more secure and easier to track. There is a form to complete for the first time you use this method. You can do this here or in store at Hamiedog.

If you are not a Whitley Bay Chamber of Trade member, you are not allowed to accept vouchers and can not exchange these for cash.

How long do I have to redeem the vouchers I have accepted?

There is no set period but we recommend that vouchers should be redeemed within the same financial year to assist with accounting. 

Can the vouchers be used online?

Not at this current time.

I am closing my business / I am cancelling my Chamber of Trade membership. What do I do now?

Please ensure that any vouchers are redeemed within 14 days of your membership being cancelled. 

I have more questions.

Please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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